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Perhaps you're awaken by the sharp sound of a bird cooing above you. Perhaps it's someone rolling over your hand with a wheel barrel. Perhaps it's the sheer business of the surrounding area which throws your mind into consciousness. Whatever the reason, you're up now.

And you're late.

"Oh, you finally woke up. Come on, time to go!"

Quickly, someone fusses at you, to get you up and moving towards a large castle in the center of your new surroundings—Lochwell, they call it. Fight as you may, they're not taking no for an answer as their hands force and prod you further into the country. If you're paying attention, you might just hear them say to be on your best behavior...

The Queen has a temper, after all.

Mallow Hallow is a panfandom, community-based game with lax AC and a pick-your-style application. Reservations are open.

Open since February 23rd 2013.

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